The SPQ*GOLD Sales Behavioural Profile

The Sales Prefererence Questionnaire (SPQ*GOLD) is a 137-question online psychometric test. It is a narrow-band, self-descriptive instrument used to assess the presence, predisposition and degree of selling discomforts in candidates for sales roles. It is also used to provide assessment -based support for training and development applications with current salespeople.

SPQ*GOLD measures all 12 of the identified selling fears plus 3 additional determiners of sales activity - Motivation, Goal Level & Goal Diffusion. It also includes three scales used to detect non-standard attitudes towards completing the instrument. Click here for further technical information.

SPQ*GOLD is simple to use - just follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Email us the name and email address of the person you wish to profile. If you also send us their CV it enables us to add further context to the personalised, manually written interpretation we provide with every profile. We will send them an invitation to complete the questionnaire, and will copy you into the email.

Step 2: Once the test has been completed we will receive the raw results and then prepare the personalised report, which will be emailed to you. Maximum turnaround time is 24 hours, Mon-Fri - but we aim to get the results to you a soon as possible.

Don't worry - we never leave you to interpret the results on your own! Each report comes with our manually written, personalised interpretation and also an interpretation guide to remind you of what each scale measures. We are always on hand to talk through the results - in fact some organisations mandate their recruiting managers to call us every time.

Step 3: You can now explore any potential areas of concern highlighted in the report with the candidate or existing team member. You now know where the potential issues are behind the 'on best behaviour' facade - use the Interview Support Questions Guide to probe them and see how each person reacts and responds:

Done! You will now have a much clearer idea of how much of a person's potential to generate sales is likely to be translated into actual day-in, day-out proactive business development.

SPQ*GOLD Pricing

The pricing for all SPQ*GOLD reports includes all test administration, the full SPQ*GOLD profile and support materials listed above* as well as unlimited telephone interpretation and ongoing support. There are no additional costs to using SPQ*GOLD.

* Experienced users have the option to receive SPQ*GOLD reports minus our additional written interpretation and therefore at a lower cost.

1-9£175.00+VAT per test£225.00+VAT per test
10-49£122.50+VAT per test £162.50+VAT per test
50-99£109.50+VAT per test £149.50+VAT per test
100+Please contact us Please contact us

 The cost of recruiting and harbouring under-performing salespeople is huge (one of our major clients estimates it at £42k per bad hire). If you want to improve the retention and performance of your salespeople please contact us - we can set you up with the SPQ*GOLD profiling quickly and easily, whether you want to profile one person or several. Try it!

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